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Do you intend to pursue medical studies abroad? In that case, you definitely need to look into Polish universities. Poland's universities provide affordable, high-quality education. Compared to other European countries, Poland's universities charge a lower tuition hence, it's a fantastic location for overseas students to study medicine. For Indians to study medicine, Poland has been the primary destination. For many Indian students, getting an MBBS in Poland is "The Dream." Since Poland is a member of the EU, graduates can pursue their MBBS in other European nations.

More than 46,000 prospective doctors have travelled to Poland to enroll in MBBS programs. Poland adheres to the MBBS curriculum and structure in the same way as many other European nations. In Poland, the MBBS program lasts six years and includes a one-year mandatory internship. In the Program for Assessment of International Students, Poland is ranked number 23. Poland's educational system is well-regarded. Poland's universities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and offer excellent instruction. Reputable academics and professors from Poland teach the MBBS program. Live out your ambition of becoming a doctor by studying MBBS abroad in Poland.



Score Required in 10+2

75% in PCB

NEET Requirement



200 to 260 USD Per Month


6 Years

Medium of Instruction


Top Medical University

Medical University of Gdansk


NMC and WHO approved


Universities for  MBBS in Poland:

•Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University

•Poznan University of Medical Sciences

•Medical University of Gdansk

•Medical University of Lublin

•Medical University of Wroclaw

•Nicolaus Copernicus University

•Medical University of Silesia

•University of Warmia and Mazury

•Warsaw Medical Academy

•Medical University of Lodz

Admission to MBBS programs in Poland

•Students who are interested in studying medicine in Poland must get ready for admission in advance.

•Every year in April, Polish universities begin taking applications.

•In Poland, the MBBS college application deadline is in the middle of October.

Qualifications for MBBS in Poland

•Admission to Polish universities is open to international students.

•The pupils must receive a grade in PCB in class 12 of at least 60%.

•The student is in class 10 plus two and has a good education.

•The applicant must be a student who is at least 17 years old.

•Indian students must pass the NEET exam to be admitted to the top medical schools in Poland.

Polish Medical School Admissions Procedure

The following details the MBBS Poland admissions procedure:

•The admissions process for MBBS in Poland at universities for Indian candidates is straightforward.

•Admission to polish universities begins in the months of April and May and lasts until September.

•To apply for admission, students must visit the university's official website.

•The student must first merely complete the application form.

•The student must then upload copies of the necessary documents.

•After registration is complete, the results are made public.

•The student for the MBBS from Poland must pay a portion of the tuition when the results are announced.

•Once admission is confirmed, students must make VISA arrangements.

•The student can reserve their flight after the VISA procedure is completed.

•By the second week in September, they could arrive in Poland.

Why MBBS Study in Poland?

•One of the most popular places for MBBS students to study abroad is Poland.

•Poland is home to some of the world's top universities.

•Students can pick from a variety of departments and faculties at Polish universities.

•Numerous Indian students attend the NMC-recognized medical institutions in Poland for MBBS each year.

•Poland provides pupils with an affordable and high-quality education.

•Students from all over the world can significantly benefit from Poland's low living expenses.

•The universities in Poland that provide the MBBS program are among the best in the world.

•Poland's current climate is ideal for foreign students.

•The universities in Poland that provide the MBBS program are among the best in the world.

System of MBBS Education in Poland

•The MBBS program in Poland is identical to the MBBS program in any other European nation.

•Poland's educational system is comparable to that of India.

•The students complete six years of medical school in their chosen fields of study.

•Although the cost of the MBBS program in Poland is low, the standard of instruction is maintained.

•The MBBS program in Poland lasts six years and includes a year of clinical training in the college's teaching hospitals.

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