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A recent study by ICEF Mentor states that India is one of the fastest-growing markets and the world’s second-largest source of international students. COVID has affected the ratio badly and still, parents are not in so much favor of sending students out of the country. Although, now with the new normal, people are getting back to their normal lives and seem more conscious about the education field that was at stake in the last two years and affected badly. There is a bit more inclination in the medical field and that too we are hereby discussing the advantages of studying MBBS abroad.

Students from the medical field may have enormous reasons for studying MBBS abroad but not being able to secure a medical seat is a major reason to apply for abroad MBBS. So, is it just an option to enroll in MBBS in a foreign country or we do have additional advantages, Let’s discuss

  • To promote a high number of international students, universities and institutions are offering several scholarships to foreign students. Many universities are not asking for donation fees and capitation fees which is a major relaxation to the abroad MBBS fees.  
  • In comparison to India, tuition fees of MBBS abroad are low (private universities, India) with a high-quality education. So, if your pocket has restrictions, you can enroll abroad.
  • After completing MBBS, host countries provide opportunities to students to practice that ensure earning more money yielding a better return on the invested money. 
  • In India, there are a limited number of medical seats in government universities and high fees in private while the foreign universities provide reserved seats for Indian students with low fees and high quality of education. 
  • Like India, universities in foreign countries are accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization) which ensures a student can start a practice or pursue higher studies in any part of the world along with India.
  • Studying abroad provides global exposure to students and builds international connections that hike a career. 
  • Students can experience extremely low living costs which is again an added advantage to your pocket. 
  • Students gain lifetime experience studying abroad which makes them more confident. It develops and grooms them personally as well as professionally. They also learn to be independent and manage themselves on their own. 
  • Students will get language expertise in English as well as in the local language of the country. 
  • When students return to their homeland, they have a new perspective on education, culture, language skills, and personality. It is an additional benefit for the future career to either start a good job or have your setup to practice. The choice is yours! 

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