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Founded in 1946, the Liaoning Medical University, which is now known as Jinzhou Medical University, is one of the top medical colleges in China. With a campus area of above 1, 00,000 square meters, the university offers undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and postgraduate students from all corners of China and the world. The faculty members of the university include 219 professors and chief doctors, above 800 full-time teachers, and above 500 associate professors. Located in Jinzhou City, the medical university offers adult education, general high education, international students’ education, online education, state-owned privately runs education, and vocational education. One of the best medical universities that offer MBBS courses in China, the JMU, is also involved with international academic exchange activities with various medical universities around the world.

Recognized by esteemed institutions like WHO and ECFMG, the Liaoning Medical University (Jinzhou) MBBS course is also approved by various medical councils around the world. It offers MBBS in clinical medicine, Stomatology, and pharmacy in English medium.  The same courses along with anesthesiology, Psychology, medical imaging radiology, etc. are taught in the Chinese medium. For post-graduate courses, the university offers internal medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Clinical Stomatology, Obstetrics, and some other programs in both English and Chinese medium. Programs in nursing, surgery, etc. are also offered to students.

Highlights of Liaoning Medical University (Jinzhou)

  • The JMU has 122 teaching and practice outlets, 12 teaching departments, seven affiliated comprehensive hospitals, 10provincial research centers.
  • About 100 teachers and researchers at the JMU have won the honor of an “excellent teacher and talented person for science and teaching” by the local and national governments.
  • The university has students coming in from all over the world to study MBBS in China
  • The university sends students and teachers to universities like the University of Glasgow in Scotland to study and participate in various research programs
  • The JMU also offers Chinese language courses and tour study programs as well
  • Currently, over 1000 international students from 34 countries study in this China MBBS university
  • The standard of education is quite high and the university takes special care of all its students



Situated on the western shores of Liaoning Gulf, Jinzhou is an industrial city that is a few hours from Beijing. The city is quite beautiful with quite a few attractions like the Bijia Mountain that is situated on the coast of the Bohai sea. There is a The Sky Bridge too that is 1772 yards long and acts as a bridge between the island and the seashore. There are museums and parks in the city too. The city has a train station, and buses and taxis can take you across the different points in the city. The city enjoys four distinct seasons – summer, spring, autumn, and winter. You must also try the delectable local cuisine when in Jinzhou.

Indian students at Liaoning Medical University

  • With a motto of “We will reach beyond the skies,” the JMU is one of the best medical colleges in China for Indian students. The applicants must follow the following procedure to apply for an MBBS course at the university.

    • The applicant must be aged between 18 years to 30 years
    • The applicant must be mentally and physically sound and must not have any criminal record
    • The applicant must have passed the Grade 12examination in school
    • The applicant must have scored IGCSE + Band above (60 percent and above) in biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry
    • The applicant must have scored a minimum of 5.0 in the English proficiency test of TOEFL and IELTS or qualify in LMU’s interview
    • The applicant must provide his senior high school degree
    • The applicant must provide a photocopy of the first seven pages of the passport
    • The applicant must provide copies of his/her passport-sized photo
    • The applicant must provide the academic transcript of his/her highest education
    • The applicant must provide the graduation certificate of his/her highest level of education

    Currently over 1000 students from 57 countries in five continents of the world study in the JMU. The session starts in September every year and applications can be made both online and offline through email from mid-April. For more information regarding the admission procedure, you can contact the Lakshya team.


    A student can study medicine in China in English. The Liaoning Medical University (Jinzhou) offers both MBBS and post-graduate courses in English and Chinese. It also offers Chinese language courses to students.

    Hostel Facilities

    One of the best universities to complete MBBS in China, the JMU has excellent accommodation facilities for its international students. There are five types of dormitories available on the university campus that have double-bed rooms, single-bed rooms, and three-bedrooms. The rooms are equipped with beds, air conditioner, desks, chairs, wardrobe, water heater, etc. Each building has service rooms, duty rooms, and an internet connection.

    Other Facilities

    The campus also has a well-stocked library, recreational areas, and restaurants and cafes. 

Liaoning Medical University Fees for MBBS