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The Siberian State Medical University is a medical school in Tomsk, Russia. Previously, it was called the Tomsk Medical Institute. Founded in 1878 as the Faculty of Medicine of the Imperial Tomsk University, and opened in 1888, this is one of Russia’s oldest medical schools. it is Founded: 5 November 1930 in Tomsk Oblast, Russia.




Tomsk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia. It lies in the southeastern West Siberian Plain, in the southwest of the Siberian Federal District. Its administrative center is the city of Tomsk. Population: 1 078 923 . The development of the territory which now constitutes the oblast began in the early 17th century.

Indian students at Siberian State Medical University

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Siberian State Medical University Fees for MBBS

1st Year

INR 420000.00 $ 6000.00

2nd Year

NR 350000.00 $ 5000.00

3rd Year

INR 350000.00 $ 5000.00

4th Year

INR 350000.00 $ 5000.00

5th Year

INR 350000.00 $ 5000.00

6th Year

INR 350000.00 $ 5000.00

Full Price

INR 2170000.00 $ 31000.00