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Poltava State Medical University, Ukraine. Established in the year 1921, the Poltava State Medical and Dental University is also known as Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Shifted to the city of Poltava in 1957, this MCI approved medical university in Ukraine received Level IV accreditation in 1994 and was renamed Poltava National Medical University. Being a member of the UNESCO and the UN, this medical college in Ukraine conducts various medical drives around the world, and with help from the Ukrainian government, it works to improve the medical facility in developing countries around the world.

The Poltava National Medical University trains specialists in a preparatory department and six faculties like toxicology, pharmacology (five years each), pediatrics (six years each), orthopedic dentistry (two years), and oral surgery nursing (two to three years). 


Highlights of Poltava State Medical University


  • The lecturers are well-trained in their fields and the quality of education for MBBS in Ukraine is quite high.
  • The admission procedure is quite simple and students do not need to sit for the GMAT or IELTS exam to study MBBS in Ukraine
  •  The degree awarded by the university at the end of the course is accepted by all organizations worldwide, including the Medical Council of India.
  •  Special attention is paid to individual students and hence the teacher-student ratio maintained is 1:14.
  •  It is considered one of the top medical colleges in Ukraine and more than 8000 foreign nationals have already graduated from the Poltava National Medical University.
  •  The university is equipped with the latest equipment and students are provided with the best technological facilities.



Poltava city Located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine, Poltava city is the administrative center, cultural center, educational center, and an important transport hub of the Poltava region. Settled beside the river Vorskla, Poltava city has a rich history, and the numerous historical sites, monuments, and museums present in the city are proof of the same. 

It also has beautiful botanical gardens that house rare flora. The city is well-connected to the other large cities in Ukraine and public transport includes buses, trolleybuses, trains, and taxis. 

The temperature is quite favorable too, with cold winters and warm summers.  The city also has many well-renowned top universities in Ukraine where students from both the country and abroad study in great numbers. 

Indian students at Poltava State Medical University

  • Poltava State Medical University for Indian Students Study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students is a fairly simple process as compared to other countries. Indian students are required to take just a screening test after the completion of the degree and once they pass the test, they can avail the MCI registration and practice in India as a medical practitioner. 

    The Ukraine Medical University is well-equipped with the latest equipment and the education standard is quite high (European Union Standards), which enables the students to pass the screening test with flying colors.

    There is no need to take any tutoring, it is easy to interact with the teaching faculty, the teaching method is more practical-oriented and not entirely theory-based, and this university also features in the list of MCI recognized medical colleges in Ukraine, the other international organizations who approve of the Poltava State Medical University are WHO, USA IMED, etc. 


    You can study medicine in Ukraine in English. The official language is Ukrainian but the medium of instruction in the University is English.

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About Hostel

  • There are separate accommodation facilities provided for boys and girls on the campus. There are four dormitories on the campus and each room is clean, airy, and well-furnished with a refrigerator, water heaters, microwave, desks, heating system, etc. among other facilities. 

    There is a recreation zone for students to relax and enjoy themselves and a kitchen where students can cook their own food in each dormitory. Considered one of the top 10 medical universities in Ukraine, the Poltava State Medical University has also arranged for security personnel who monitor the hostels round the clock. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to take MBBS admission in Ukraine, the student needs to be at least 17 years of age and must have completed class 12 from a regular board. While there are no entrance exams as such, the student needs to clear NEET to take admission in any university abroad. You can contact the Lakshya mbbs overseas team to know more about the admission process.

Kharkiv National Medical University Fees for MBBS

1st Year

INR 280000.00 $ 4000.00

2nd Year

INR 280000.00 $ 4000.00

3rd Year

INR 336000.00 $ 4800.00

4th Year

INR 336000.00 $ 4800.00

5th Year

INR 336000.00 $ 4800.00

6th Year

INR 336000.00 $ 4800.00

Full Price

INR 1904000.00 $ 27200.00