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Yerevan State Medical University is listed amongst the top medical universities in the world. Located in Yerevan in the Republic of Armenia, this university has earned repute for providing unsurpassable quality education and training to medical aspirants across the world. The research activities carried out here are touted as the best. It has churned out more than 31,000 graduates till now. The university organizes teaching, as well as research activities, in over a hundred chairs, research centres, and clinical bases. It has a highly qualified staff that is second to none. There are 1,100 lecturers including 171 Doctors of Science, 7 Academicians of the RANAS, and 504 Candidates of Science. These members of various faculties perform scientific research at the university. Over 50 visiting/adjunct professors from many top universities deliver lectures at the university. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Yerevan State Medical University has made a big contribution to the development of Armenia in the field of medical science. The faculties at the university include- School of General Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, School of Military Medicine, School of Postgraduate and Continuing Education, and Faculty of Public Health. 

The infrastructure of the university is indisputably the best. There are five main buildings including the university building, laboratory building, administrative building, dental clinic building, anatomical building, and hospitals. There are three hospitals including Muratsan Hospital, Heratsi Hospital, and Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery. All three hospitals are supervised by the Yerevan State Medical University. There are over 30 affiliated hospitals that work in association with Yerevan State Medical University. Apart from the local hospitals, the university works closely with many national and international medical universities and health organizations including the universities of the USA, Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Egypt, etc. GROUP European Network of Universities, World Federation of Medical Education as Member of Medical Education Association in Europe, The International Association of Universities, Association for Dental Education in Europe, etc. It is authorized and approved by WHO and MCI. The university imparts medical education to the aspirants with the perspective of giving highly skilled and qualified doctors to serve the world. The country rank of YSMU is 5 th, while the world rank is 6976.




Yerevan is the capital city of the Republic of Armenia. It sits amidst the majestic mountains and the gorgeous Hrazdan River in its south. The population of the city is around 1 million. It has a continental climate with short chilly winters and warm summers that last a little longer. This city is a hub of education accredited to the fact that there are many renowned educational institutions, as well as research centres, here. Indian students at St. Theresa Medical University

Indian students at Yerevan State Medical University

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About Hostel

Yerevan State Medical University offers very comfortable accommodation to the students who come from other parts of the world to study medicine. The dining facilities are also agreeable, particularly for Indian students.

There are two houses in the university to accommodate international students. The rooms are large, clean, and well-furnished. The students are provided with all the basic, as well as advanced amenities. They can avail services like laundry service. Other facilities provided by the university include a sports complex, gym, swimming pool, and library.

Yerevan State Medical University Fees for MBBS

1st Year

INR 210000.00 $ 3000.00

2nd Year

INR 210000.00 $ 3000.00

3rd Year

ININR 210000.00 $ 3000.00

4th Year

INR 210000.00 $ 3000.00

5th Year

INR 210000.00 $ 3000.00

Full Price

INR 1050000.00 $ 15000.00