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Belarusian State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Belarus that offers bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees in the medical field. It is one of the leading medical institutes established in the city of Minsk, in the Minsk region. The University is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, WHO, and MCI. There are 72 departments that provide academic, education as well as research of which 29 are theoretical and 43 clinical.

Currently, BSMU introduces advanced computing facilities and efficacious pedagogies that constantly enhancing the high standard of education. It also developing and providing information support to the educational process and access to information sources also in electronic form inculcating the medical website.




Minsk is the capital of Belarus and also the administrative center of the Minsk region. It is the economical, political, cultural, and scientific center of the country. Minsk has very well connectivity with western Europe and the East, regions of the Black Sea coast, and the Baltic states. It is also an educational hub and known for quality education colleges, high schools, and lyceums and comprises around 3,600 sports centers in the country. The city has a natural beauty to visit and is very well connected with other parts of the world.

Indian students at Belarusian State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University is a popular medical university among Indian students
1.  The medium is English that provides ease for students to study.
2.  There are 5 different faculties at BSMU that include the Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Pediatrics, Faculty of Dentistry, and  Faculty of Military Medicine.
3.  One of the oldest universities provides a high-quality education at affordable fees.
4.  BSMU has adopted practical-based education pedagogy that implies more focus on practical labs or tutorials than theoretical study.
5.  BSMU follows the principles of the Bologna process and implements innovative educational technologies for the students.

About Hostel

BSMU provides the best hostel facilities for boys and girls. The campus is equipped with all basic facilities that include food, water, 24*7 security, 24*7 internet, and furniture. The academic support facilities have labs, research labs, a library, and a training facility. Indore and outdoor sports, and GYM help students to entertain and stay fit.

Indian students at Belarusian State Medical University

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