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Formerly known as a European Teaching University, European University is one of the best universities to study MBBS in Georgia. The University has 17 accredited educational programs delivered by highly professional faculty members and academic staff. University has high professional research professionals and scientists to empower the educational framework that contributes to high-quality, innovation-based learning. The educational framework is based on the philosophy of helping humans with pain relief and on the long traditions of Georgian medical research and teaching. It has received full accreditation from the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia in 2010 and was listed by WHO in the World Directory of Medical Science.

The university has adopted the best and advanced method for medical training along with the traditional approach to learning. It offers an excellent understanding of medical studies to students along with the knowledge of evolving technology.




Tbilisi, the city of Georgia, is the capital of various Georgian kingdoms and was the seat of the Imperial Viceroy governing both southern and northern Caucasus. It is a major cultural and educational centre having more than 100 research institutes. The city has a typical humid subtropical climate including warm summer, moderately cold winters, and considerable continental influences. Tbilisi is enriched in its tradition and culture. It is home to many educational institutes and thus offering high-quality and subsidized education to national and global students.

Indian students at European University

Admission to MBBS in European is popular among Indian Students along with the following benefits:
1.    Low-cost MBBS ensures high-quality MBBS education at a low cost.
2.    Programs structured in English medium offer an easy understanding of the subjects.
3.    High-Quality Education with advanced techniques.
4.    Globally Recognized Degree empowers students to practice or further study in any part of the world.
5.    Best Teacher-Student ratio helps to provide attention to every student.
6.    Listed by MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization)as well as the Indian Medical Council.

About Hostel

The University has its own dormitories facilities for more than 1000 global students. The hostel rooms provide the best accommodation in terms of well-furnished rooms, GYMS, attached bathrooms, health centres, reading halls, 24*7 wi-fi, security services, and sports complex too. It has a young band of musicians, hiking clubs, volleyball, and drama troupe.

Indian students at European University

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