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The Odessa National Medical University is an Associate in Nursing administration school within the town of Odessa, a top university in Ukraine. The therapeutic men discovered a way to endure the difficult and fierce time of the first long periods of the Russian unrest and in 1922 it had been becoming the free and self-sustaining Odessa State Medical Institute. 

As of now, by the endeavors of the notable staff and contributive people from the restorative society of Ukraine ONMU is one in every of the most faculties of Ukraine. By excellence of the method instructing and tested academic programs, ONMU is all around acknowledged and perceived crosswise over European and yank ground. 

Consistently terribly nearly 6000 understudies progress from fifty-eight distinctive resources and come through their fantasies of turning into fruitful specialists. The chosen understudies will choose the language for steering from English, Russian and different Ukrainian dialects.




Odessa earned its named inconsistency with the Greek arrange of Catherine the Great; the old Greek town of Odessos was notable – mistakenly – to own been found wherever Odessa is these days. Odessa was principally bombarded amid WWII, nonetheless, its chronicled focus remains to a good extent all around saved. It is the third biggest town in Ukraine, with a world of around 1,000,000 individuals. 

The language purpose of reading whereas Ukrainian is that the official language of Ukraine, Russian (78%) is that the prevailing language of Odessa town with faith Primarily Christian. The national cash of Ukraine is the Ukrainian monetary unit (UAH). At the present $1 is equivalent to twenty-five .92 UAH.

The populace is around one, 016,515. The postal code is 65000-65480 and the code is +380 forty-eight. The zone is UT +2 (EET) and UT +3 (EEST). The complete region is secured is 236.9 Km2 (91.5 sq mi). The atmosphere here is a Hot-summer damp ground, semi-bone-dry, and sticky sub-tropic atmosphere.

About Hostel

  • Odessa National Medical University provides European commonplace lodging offices to the neighborhood and worldwide understudies. Our understudies appreciate terribly tempting examination surroundings amid their hostelry life. All the lodging rooms are given well ventilation, a space radiator; we get to, good room, a commonplace washroom, and room.
    There is regular space on all of the floors for the understudies to ponder. Understudies quarters preserved by gifted personal to stay it speckles and sound. Month to month prosperity medical examination from the specialists and medical attendant guarantee understudies nice prosperity.

    The Canteen has expressly organized Indian sustenance, among the few inns in Ukraine giving Indian food. The inn’s area unit multi high-rise structures that area unit lavishly outfitted and well-kept. The understudy’s lodging area unit is about to the first scholastic building.

    The lodgings have room on every floor wherever understudies will even create their own nourishment within the event that they desire. Each one of the rooms area unit loft titled, outfitted with basic furnishings, tables, storage rooms, racks, excogitate table, free power, hot and cold running water, and a number of different basic highlights.

    The hostels have everything basic for considering as well as internet clubs and skimming rooms. They need each one of them wants of the regular day-to-day existence well treated from part, bistros, bottles, stylists and wear perpetually open, stitching and even footwear workshops. Their area unit even wants for resting, exercise center and alike

Odessa National Medical University Fees for MBBS

1st Year

INR 525000.00 $ 7500.00

2nd Year

INR 304500.00 $ 4350.00

3rd Year

INR 304500.00 $ 4350.00

4th Year

INR 304500.00 $ 4350.00

5th Year

INR 304500.00 $ 4350.00

6th Year

INR 304500.00 $ 4350.00

Full Price

INR 2040500.00 $ 29150.00