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Sumy State Medical University is set in Sumy Oblast, within the chronicled venue of Sloboda, Ukraine. As per the Webometrics Rating, Sumy State University positions sixth within the overall internet rating. This rating was a light-emitting diode among Ukrainian organizations of advanced education in 2012. 

Sumy State UniversityMBBS in Ukraine, could be an illustrious call among Indian Pupils sorting out MBBS in abroad. The college is set in Sumy Oblast, which is within the higher east venue of Ukraine. The college has totally different branches and has in more than thirteen, 000Pupils took on totally different comes out of that around one, 300 square measure outside.

Pupils from right around fifty nations, as well as the USA, Europe, continent, and the Republic of India. 13,446 Pupils square measure non-commissioned. Around 1240 outside Pupils from terribly nearly fifty nations, as well as the US, Western Europe, Australia, and every one district of continent and Asia, square measure learning at Sumy State University. 

International Recognition 

MCU: Member of the Great Charter University

IAU: Member of International Association of Medical Universities 

EUA: Member of the ECU University Association 

WHO: Recognized by Work Health Organization. 

EAU: Eurasian Association of Universities 


MCIlisted in Medical council of India




Sumy is a small city in north-eastern Ukraine and the capital of Sumy Oblast. it’s is a good city for study and international students. this city peoples are very well and Helping parson.
Sumy also serves as the administrative center of Sumy Raion of Sumy oblast. Sumy is administratively incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. As of 2019, its population is estimated at 167,633.
Sumy city to Kyiv distance 356.6km

Indian students at Sumy State Medical University

  • • A typical value for basic things is in addition affordable in Ukraine

    • The mechanism of steerage is English for considering MBBS in Ukraine

    • Considering MBBS in Ukraine offers a portal to alternative European Countries because it has reciprocal understudy assertions came upon with nations, for instance, Finland, Sweden, and European nation consequently creating it less strict for Pupils to excogitate in other European countries. 

    • The Faculty to Student quantitative relation is regarding 1:14 – tiny category estimate guarantees that Students get singular thought. 

    • In more than four,  Indian Pupils square measure as of currently learning at MBBS in Ukraine

    • The college has been evaluated by Webometrics, U-Multirank, and uniRank mutually of the most effective schools in Ukraine

    • It as of now currently serves around sixteen, 000Pupils of that one, 300 square measure outside, talking to quite fifty distinct nations. SSU highlights a lively universal understudy network. 

    • SSU flaunts varied worldwide connections and has participated within more than two hundred universal accomplices. 

    • With right around a hundred games clubs to seem over, SSU is an improbable call for spirited sorts. The faculty is notable for its donning astuteness with sure Pupils continuing to contend within the Olympic Games, World, European and Ukrainian Championships. 

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Direct Admission or no Entrance Examination. The Admission method is extraordinarily basic and the international Medical Foundation can alter you to come in the full procedure. 

    •The Total school Fees at Sumy State University is Low and reasonable for Indian Students. 

    •The Standard of Education for MBBS in Ukraine is extremely top quality and Teachers/Lecturers here square measure passing qualified and pioneers in their field. 

    Requirements For MBBS Admission Ukraine


    • 10th class mark sheet 
    • 12th class mark sheet
    • Neet Result 
    • Passport
    • 08 Photos  (35 mm X 45 mm head centered in the frame. face should cover about 80 percent of the photo area. white background)
    • Medical report with HIV report ( mention Passport Number and Date of Birth on medical reports )
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Sumy State Medical University Fees for MBBS

1st Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

2nd Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

3rd Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

4th Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

5th Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

6th Year

INR 294000.00 $ 4200.00

Full Price

INR 1764000.00 $ 25200.00