Becoming a doctor is a dream harbored by almost every other student but not everyone gets the right opportunity. With the introduction of NEET UG examination, the chances have trimmed by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, the high donation fee demanded by the private colleges in India makes it difficult for students to fulfill their dreams. 

Under these circumstances, studying MBBS abroad emerges as a great option. There are many excellent medical colleges abroad for Indian students. These institutions offer quality education to the students and open up many new horizons in front of them. But, the very difficult Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) and a screening test make it a hard nut to crack. But, once the examination is cracked, the student can rest assured of a great career ahead in medicine. 

Quality education

There are many excellent universities in India that provide quality education but studying MBBS abroad takes the quality several notches higher. MBBS education in countries like China, Russia, the United States, and Europe is class apart in a literal sense. 

Supreme infrastructure

Without a doubt, the infrastructure of top MBBS colleges abroad is better than what we have in India. The college campuses in countries like Russia, China, USA, etc are well-equipped with modern technologies. They are all globally recognized by UNESCO, WHO, European Council, etc. 

International Exposure

One of the biggest advantages that students get with studying MBBS overseas is that they get international exposure. The renowned medical universities welcome students from across the world hailing from different nationalities, different cultures, and backgrounds. And so, they get great exposure.  

No capitation fee or donation

As already mentioned, it is almost impossible for a student to take admission in a private medical college without paying a hefty sum as a donation. The donation or capitation fee varies for each college. On the contrary, medical universities abroad do not demand any donation or capitation fee. 

There are several leading universities in the world that have a low tuition fee as compared to Indian private colleges. In this case, studying abroad is indeed a great option for students who want an international standard of education at a decent fee.

Low living cost

Though living in the USA and the UK can be an expensive affair, there are several countries that have a low living cost as compared to India. Living in countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan is cheaper than living in India and so is the MBBS fee. Studying MBBS in these countries can be a very economic deal.

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