Studying in Kazakhstan: Universities in Kazakhstan can help you realize your dream of becoming a doctor at a very low cost of living and tuition fees if you love learning a new language and living in a cold climate. Lakshya MBBS Education offers a free consultation to help you select the best university in Kazakhstan. Come see us today!

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For Indian students looking to pursue their passion at a minimal cost, studying medicine in Kazakhstan is a viable alternative. In Kazakhstan, medical schools provide reasonable tuition and living costs. Numerous Indian students annually studied medicine at prestigious medical schools in Kazakhstan. The World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, IMED, GMC, ECFMG, and other organizations have all recognized Kazakhstan’s medical universities. Thus, MBBS degrees are recognized both in India and throughout the world. As a result, Kazakhstani medical graduates are qualified to sit for licensing exams abroad.

It is simpler for students to secure an MBBS seat at the best medical institution and university because they only need to meet the minimal eligibility requirements. Both entrance tests and donations are absent.

In comparison to other nations, Kazakhstan has a relatively low cost of living. The cheaper cost of living and lower MBBS tuition in Kazakhstan enable students to pursue their dreams. Universities have solid facilities and offer high-quality education. There are current, technologically advanced classrooms with equipment requirements. The student-to-teacher ratio is quite low—10:1 or 12:1. Among other overseas locations, Kazakhstan is a fantastic choice for Indian students who want to study medicine.

For Indian students, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan has numerous benefits.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS study has benefits in every nation. Similar to this, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan has its own advantages.


Studying here has an extra benefit that you don’t need to appear for any extra exams except for NEET. Also, universities here do not charge any kind of donations or hidden costs that make the admission process cheaper and simpler.


Student-to-teacher ratio is quite low in Kazakhstan. It is as low as 10:1 or 12:1.  which means every student gets personal attention and all the doubts are cleared efficiently.


As compared to other countries like Russia and Ukraine the cost of living in Kazakhstan is very low, making it an ideal place to study MBBS for those who have low budget.


Kazakhstan’s climate is colder than that of India but not as frigid as that of other well-known nations like Russia or Ukraine. There is snowfall only from December to February which is far better than in the other countries. As a result, it’s easy for students to adapt to the climate there.


In nations like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, where it is just approximately 10%, the FMGE pass rate is extremely low. This helps students to seek admissions easily and pursue their dream to be a doctor very easily.

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Many of Kazakhstan’s universities are quite young and have new modern techniques which is a necessary background. Students admitted to such universities will get a hand in research and practice. Therefore, to pursue an MBBS degree, students must be admitted to the best and most reputable universities in Kazakhstan. To do this, they require the services of the most reliable study abroad MBBS consultants, such as Lakshya MBBS Education.


Learning a foreign language will be necessary for the students to communicate with patients and locals during their stay and clinical years. Learning a new language could be an extra boon for certain students.

These are the advantages of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students in Kazakhstan. If the student truly wants to realize his or her ambition of becoming a doctor, these advantages are more than enough. But to receive a decent education, picking a top medical university is crucial.