Guru Purnima 2022: Students send wishes from all over the world for their gurus at Lakshya Overseas Education. The Best study abroad consultants in Indore.

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“Guru and God both appear before me. To whom should I prostrate? I bow before the Guru who introduced God to me.” – Kabir

The world has always been changed by great and learned instructors or gurus, just as there have always been mischievous students. Therefore, the celebration of Guru Purnima is observed to honor the contributions of each and every guru who has and will ever inherit the earth. On July 13th, 2022, we will celebrate Guru Purnima. Additionally, events and worship are held annually to honor spiritual mentors and educators.

Along with the Guru, you move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of existence. You break away from all of your life’s difficulties and toward the zenith moments. Rajnish Patidar, the director of Lakshya MBBS Overseas Education, made a surprise visit to universities in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to look into the home environments of the students and supervise their academic progress. This kind of action from their educator left the students awestruck.

Thousands of students from many countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc., sent heartfelt greetings and sentiments of gratitude to all of their trainers at Lakshya Overseas Education.

Happy Guru Purnima from Lakshya Overseas Education! To all gurus everywhere in the world.