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Students from all around the world have made the Philippines their top choice for studying MBBS abroad during the last 15 to 20 years.

The Philippines' medical schools have continuously shown that they are top-tier institutions for medical teaching and research. The world's MBBS programs now use some of the most cutting-edge teaching techniques. This has made it possible for the medical colleges and universities in the Philippines to receive recognition from all the main medical organizations in the world, including WHO, FAIMER, ECFMG, and India's MCI.

Because the Philippines is so similar to India in terms of climatic traits and the kindness of its people, studying MBBS there offers Indian students a fully international experience while also keeping a small amount of familiarity.

Let's examine some of the main benefits and drawbacks of Indian students choosing the Philippines for their MBBS study abroad program.

Philippines for MBBS study abroad: 

There are several excellent reasons to select the Philippines for MBBS study abroad. Here are a few of the most significant ones that set the Philippines apart from other nations that grant MBBS degrees to students from India.

1.The third-largest English-speaking nation in the world is the Philippines:

The best part about studying MBBS in the Philippines is that you don't have to learn a new language. It is the third largest English-speaking nation. 

Since 99 percent of the people in the Philippines speak English, all of the classes will be taught in that language. There is no requirement for language learning for Indian applicants to the Philippines' MBBS program. Additionally, they are exempt from taking any prerequisite English language tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Indian kids are exceptionally good at communicating with and understanding their lecturers. They could interact and move around the school and the countryside with ease as well. They won't feel alone like they may in other nations.

2.World-class medical education at a reasonable price:

It starts at 16 lakhs INR for the entire 5- to 5.5-year study. The price can increase to 24 lakhs depending on the university.

The cost of living is fairly low in the Philippines compared to places like the UK, Russia, China, etc., where it is extremely expensive to live. The cost of food and lodging in the Philippines is roughly same to what you would pay to attend a private institution in India.

The following table lists the costs for studying MBBS at universities in the Philippines: Here is a table of the expenses in the Universities in Philippines to study MBBS:

All of the universities on the list above have a 40 to 100-year history in the field of medical education and research.

3.Tropical climate conditions:

The Philippines features tropical climate conditions that are comparable to those in India. Students feel as though they may be living in India. They can more easily adapt to a foreign culture thanks to this. They don't get sick as often as the colder nations. The temperate and pleasant climate conditions in the Philippines make it easy for Indian students pursuing MBBS degrees there to concentrate on their studies.

Additionally, because India and the Philippines both have tropical climates, the diseases that can be found there and how they are treated are similar to those seen in India. This makes it easier for our Indian MBBS students to finish the program and begin practicing medicine in their home country virtually right away, with little trouble adjusting to the patients and sickness patterns in India.

4.Complete assistance and guidance for international students:

 Indian students doing MBBS in the Philippines receive full assistance from their academic institutions. For a specific amount of kids, they have personal guidance counselors they can get in touch with whenever they need. For Indian students, universities in the Philippines also serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food. In the majority of other nations, the lodging will be distinct. For the students' safety and comfort, Philippine medical universities offer on-campus housing with large, air-conditioned rooms and round-the-clock security. This allows the students to spend all of their time studying and not on housework, travel, etc.

5.A clinical practice-based education system with an American foundation:

The learning approaches used in the Philippines include cutting-edge digital tools. They have modern digital infrastructure like an anatomical table, simulation labs, and other things that will expose the students to a truly top-notch instructional environment.

6.System of medical education based on practical experience: 

Nowadays, MBBS graduates with substantial practical clinical training are preferred for post-graduate positions in hospitals all over the world. The majority of universities in the Philippines adhere to a fairly practical approach to medical education. Universities in the Philippines form alliances with some of the country's most renowned hospitals in order to provide students with a comprehensive real-world exposure in clinical training. Our students are more likely to receive job offers from hospitals in the US, UK, Australia, and other countries because to their comprehensive clinical training.

MBBS Study in the Philippines

The following are the main drawbacks of studying MBBS in the Philippines:

1.The BS or pre-medical program:

In the Philippines, the medical degree is split into two parts. The 5.5-year M.D. program is split into two parts:

You must first enroll in a pre-medical or BS program, which can last anywhere from one to two years depending on the college. You can begin the actual MBBS course once you have finished the BS course and passed the NMAT. This can be viewed positively as well. You will have plenty of time to settle in a new nation as there is not much academic stress. Additionally, it gives Indian students who scored poorly in their 11th and 12th grades a second chance to review all the subjects during the pre-medical B.S. (Bachelor of Science) program.

2.Philippines NMAT

In order to be qualified for admission to the MBBS program in the Philippines, candidates must pass the NMAT entrance exam. The exam is not challenging, and the passing score for most universities is simply a 40 percentile. A student won't be eligible to take the licensure exam in India if they are unable to pass the NMAT. Additionally, if a student has passed NEET, passing NMAT won't be a problem. While enrolled in the M.D. course, you are eligible to take the NMAT. This means that before you finish the BS degree, you will have anything from 1-4 opportunities to pass the NMAT. Even if you haven't passed the NMAT, you will be admitted to the MD program in many universities. However, you still need to achieve a score of 40% and pass the NMAT; as a result, you might have 2-4 more opportunities.

Every student who attends a university in the Philippines receives adequate training to pass the NMAT. All students who pass the NMAT go on to complete their M.D. programs and find success as doctors.

3.Visa requirements and fees: 

Every student who wants to study in the Philippines must have a VISA interview. Passing the VISA interview is quite simple. They merely inquire about the bare minimum. The VISA is changed into a student visa after it has arrived in the Philippines. These are all good. The only catch is that you need to renew this VISA each year and it costs a little money to do so. This VISA renewal charge is insignificant in light of the financial savings you might experience by enrolling in an MBBS program in the Philippines. Almost all study abroad programs require these VISA renewal fees.The best option is still to study MBBS in the Philippines, despite a few small drawbacks. The benefits of studying medicine in the Philippines vastly outweigh the drawbacks! The Philippines has emerged as the top choice and destination for Indian and foreign students.

Why are you holding out? Because of all these benefits, MBBS seats in the Philippines are the most profitable and sought-after. First come, first served is always the rule. Make a wise decision on your future. Good fortune!

Explore this website www.lakshyambbs.com to learn all there is to know about Philippine medical schools that fit your budget. You can reach us if you need assistance or have questions about MBBS programs in the Philippines. We would be delighted to assist.

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