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Establishedin 1902 as Sanjiang Normal College, Southeast University or Dongda, as it isknown today is one of the oldest universities in China. Based in Nanjing, SEUis the first co-educational institute in China and today, it has developed intoa comprehensive university offering a world-class education. The SEU has over2800 faculty members and over 30,000 students studying in different fields. Itoffers over 75 undergraduate disciplines, 49 Masters Program, and 30 Ph.D.programs in architecture, biomedical science and engineering, civilengineering, chemistry, physics, automation, foreign languages, mechanicalengineering, law, public health, medicine, etc.

TheMedical Department was merged with the SoutheastUniversity in 2000. Today, the medical department has six basic medicaldepartments and 12 clinical medical departments. It also has14 researchinstitutes, two key labs, and one teaching center for medical experiments. Themedical department also has 10 teaching hospitals that have the capability tohold more than 10,000 inpatient beds. Considered as one of the best universitiesto study MBBS in China, over 20,000students have passed out of the medical college in the past and are wellsettled in the medical field today.

Highlightsof Southeast University

•    Considered as one of the top MBBS universities in China, themedical department has about 150 associate professors, 80 professors, 200master tutors, most of who have taught or practiced abroad.

•    The clinical medicine courseoffered by the university is well-famed in China.

•    The MBBS program offered by the medicaldepartment of the university is approved by the Ministry of Education, China

•    The medical college of the university hasgood connections with reputed institutions in Germany, the United States, andEngland

•    SEU is a Chinese MBBS university that is recognized by WHO and other medicalcouncils of the world like MCI, SCHS, etc.

•    The SEU has great institutional rankings inChina and throughout Asia as well

•    With a fantastic ranking among the list of medical colleges in China, theSEU focuses on a high academic standard

•    The institute holds a national lead in manydisciplines like information and communication engineering, civil engineering,etc.

•    SEU has four beautiful campuses in Nanjing. 

About City

A beautiful city in China where one can capturethe beauty of historical sites, nature, and urbanization at one go, Nanjinglies on the banks of the Yangtze River. A city that has been the former capitalof China several times in history, Nanjing has a very rich cultural heritage.In addition to the many historical sites, museums, parks, beautiful temples,palaces, etc. Nanjing is also a city that takes education seriously. It isconsidered a university city with peaceful surroundings and one of the bestplaces to study in China. Public transport is well-developed in the city withbuses, taxis, and a new metro service helping people commute every day. Thecity of Nanjing experiences scorching hot summers and cold winters. And when inNanjing, do try out their signature dishes like salted soup duck, duck bloodsoup, bean-curd sheets, etc

Indian students at South East University

Consideredas an important base in the national medicine scenario in China, this MCIapproved medical college in China welcomes international students to study MBBSin its reputed institution. Most of its international students are from India,South Africa, Pakistan, etc. In order to apply for an MBBS course, anapplication needs to do the following.

•    Be a healthy individual above the age of 16years

•    Submit a valid passport copy

•    Submit passport sized photos

•    Submit the original or notarized version ofthe senior high school diploma certificate

•    Submit original or notarized versions ofhigh school mark sheets

•    Submit an authorized copy of the TOEFLtest. The applicant must score 550 and above in the paper test or 61 and abovein the computer-based test. For applicants whose mother tongue is not English,the IELTS score must be 5.0 and above.

Thesession starts in September every year. The application can be made both onlineby filling the online application form and making the payment or offline byemail. For more details on the admission procedure and other information, youcan contact the Lakshya team.


Astudent can study medicine in China inEnglish. However, students are taught the Chinese language in the course.


Allfour campuses have dormitory facilities for the students of the universities.While the Dingjiaqiao Campus mostly accommodates medical students, theJiulonghu Campus accommodates freshers, etc. The dormitories are well-equippedwith all the necessities like an attached bathroom, bed, mattress, hot waterfacility, heater, air conditioner, internet facility, etc. It also has akitchen and all kitchenware is provided as well.

OtherCampus Facilities

Theuniversity campus also has a well-stocked library, a gymnasium for thephysically active students, and a dining hall as well where you can share mealswith your friends.



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