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A successor to the German-Chinese College, the Qingdao University has a long history that dates back to the year 1909. A multidisciplinary university today, this university was known by many different names like Qingdao Medical College of East Asia, etc. at different points in time. Finally, after merging all departments and colleges in 1993,Qingdao University today includes 25 colleges and 73 special courses. These subjects covered in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses include education, history, economics, philosophy, liberal arts, literature, law,management, engineering, medical science, natural sciences, etc.

Considered as one of the top MBBS universities in China, the medical department of the Qingdao University is known to maintain a high standard of management and globalization. The courses offered by the university are recognized by prominent institutions like the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), etc. The duration to study MBBS in China course atQingdao University is 6 years. The courses offered by this Chinese MBBS University are anatomy, biochemistry experiment,immunology, infectious disease, Internal Medicine, Physiology, Medical Chinese,Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery Practice, etc.

Highlightsof Qingdao University

•    Qingdao University has an academic partnershipand exchange programs with about 130 universities spread across 20 countriesaround the world

•    The university has bi-lateral exchangeagreements with around 40 universities across the world

•    The university sends about 100 students andteachers to study and train in these partner universities

•    The university is the largest comprehensiveuniversity in Qingdao City and Shandong Province too

•    The medical department of the universitypossesses internationally advanced medical teaching equipment and has also setup a realistic simulation hospital to help students perform a clinicalassessment.

•    The medical department has multi-functionclassrooms that provide students with an all-dimensional modern environment

•    The MCIapproved medical college in China accepts students from all over the world

•    The university is one of the oldest andbest universities to study MBBS in China

•    The university teaches its students Chinesefor the first year to help them communicate with the locals in Chinese. 

About City

Consideredas one of the cleanest and prettiest cities in China, Qingdao is the largestcity in Shandong Province. The city is surrounded by the sea on the threesides, thus forming a beautiful seascape. Also known as the Switzerland of theOrient, this city has a lot of industries, universities, and research centers.Qingdao is a city that beautifully combines the charm of South China with thegenerosity of north China and is blessed with three business districts, abundantnatural beauty, and it also houses the naval base of China’s North Sea Fleet.

Acity that has seen rapid economic growth over the last decade, Qingdao isconsidered one of China’s most important independent coastal regions. The cityhas many tourist attractions like the Zhongshan Park, Tsingtao Brewery Museum,and Mount Lao. It also hosts the International Beer Festival, the Sea AffectionFestival, International Sea Festival, etc. Qingdao lies in the zone betweenhumid subtropical and humid continental climate and has hot and humid summersand extremely cold winters. If you are in the city, you must definitely notmiss out on the super yummy seafood preparations and the Tsingtao Beer.

Indian students at Qingdao University

Chinais one of the cheapest places to study MBBS for international students. Thecurriculum in the university is designed by focusing on both the academic andcareer goals of the students who come from all over China and around the world.One of the best MBBS colleges in Chinafor Indian students, the application to the university can be made in thefollowing way.

Astudent must qualify the NEET exam to apply for an MBBS course in this China medical university. Theapplicants also need to score at least 75 percent and above to be eligible tostudy at Qingdao University. The subjects an applicant must have studied inhigh school to apply for MBBS are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Thefollowing documents are required to apply for an MBBS course at QingdaoUniversity:

1.A certified health certificate

2.A photocopy of the applicant’s passport

3.The academic transcript of the applicant’s high school

4.  A few passport-sized photos

5.  The applicant’s high school graduationcertificate

Internationalstudents can apply online or offline through email. For more information on theadmission procedure and the MBBS inChina fee structure, the Lakshya team can be contacted. 

Themedium of teaching in the university is English. However, students are taughtChinese for the first year to help them communicate with the local people.


QingdaoUniversity has a well-furnished dormitory for its students. The room isavailable on a sharing basis and is well-equipped with an attached washroom,air conditioner, bed, color television, desk, chair, etc. The hostel also has akitchen and provides internet connectivity to its students.


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