Vinnitsa National Medical University

About University

Vinnitsa National Medical University is considered as one of the best institutes for the medical study in Ukraine. It is a coeducational medical university recognized via the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization). Additionally, an institute is also recognized as National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. Founded in the year of 1961, the institution has made a remarkable journey of more than 90 years that has trained more than 44 thousand specialists who are working at different places of the Ukraine and other countries of the world. The university has a strong bond of education, culture, practical training, lookup activities as well as research activities.

The VNMU education system is worldwide recognized and accepted which is developed by the highly intelligent staff. The medical degree provided is MBBS, MD (Physicians) and other medical degrees which is equivalent to MBBS in India, a 6 years degree course recognized by the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and General Council of Medicine of Great Britain.

About City

A Glimpse of Vinnitsa:– A Metropolis City of Ukraine Vinnitsa is a metropolis city located on the banks of Southern Bug River in West Central Ukraine. Vinnitsa is known as the administrative centre of the Vinnytsia region. A city is rich in culture, heritage, tradition and history that is based on the crossroads of social, economic, political meridians of Ukraine. In addition to the Vinnitsa National Pirogov Medical University,

the city has 4 universities, more than 450 medical establishments and 31 health resorts.Vinnitsa is known as students’ city of Ukraine as having outstanding educational institutions including Vinnitsa Technical University, Pedagogical University, Trade Economic University, and Agricultural University etc. The city remains favourable investment region due to having strong relay Industrial and highly scientific potential, a developed banking system, advanced transport network and the favorable enterprising climate. The city has a beautiful geographical surrounding with the favourable climatic condition. The surroundings and development of the metropolis city attract the visitors and helped to live a joyful life. The city has well-developed architecture and beautiful sight scenes to attract more and more visitors.

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