Asian Medical Institute, Bishkek

Welcome to the European University Faculty of Medicine. As you explore our website, you will discover that the EU Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to establishing strong research and teaching base to support the faculty, students and the public to get necessary services.

Since our establishment in 2013, we have been forging a new model of medical training that includes not only the traditional medical disciplines, but embraces the use of modern technologies, new clinical practice models and active collaboration with the local and international community.

With the growing number of undergraduates, our faculty is training the next generation of doctors, dentists and pharmacists through the commitment of our faculty to mentoring and student-oriented education. Explore our program pages to discover how our students are already impacting medical practice through their internships, community-based projects, and research studies.

Our faculty members are dedicated to aggressively pursuing innovative, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research to address complex health issues, including research of widespread diseases and improving health literacy.

As the capital’s Faculty of Medicine, we are committed to improving the health of Tbilisians, the nation, and the world through medical education, research, practice, leadership and accountability. I invite you to explore our pages and find out how you can join us to advance a better state of health.